Mesin Pengering Dryer Gas Kenmore manual 10,5kg

Rp 13.500.000

Kenmore 70222 6.5 cu. ft. Gas Dryer?Your Laundry Dried Right

The Kenmore 70222 White Gas Dryer takes the drudgery out of drying your clothes. Simple yet effective, this Kenmore dryer can handle just about any load you toss in, from wispy delicates to bulky bedding. Wrinkle Guard technology helps prevent set-in wrinkles while Auto Dry helps cut down on resources and time by monitoring dryness levels throughout the cycle; no more tossing clothes back in for another tumble to get them dry. Spend less time babysitting the laundry room with the Kenmore 70222 white gas dryer.

Bring On the Bulky Stuff

This Kenmore dryer boasts a spacious 6.5 cu. ft. of dryer space, meaning you can toss in a load of towels or bulky bedding. No need for a special trip to the laundromat.

Gets Clothes Dry the First Time

The auto moisture sensing Auto Dry cycle monitors dryness levels throughout the cycle, adjusting temperature and dry times to prevent over- and under-drying of your fabrics. No more burned delicates or still-damp towels.

Choose Your Hot Spot

Choose from 4 different heat levels, including Air Dry, to get your clothes and fabrics the right amount of dry. Auto Dry Technology works throughout the cycle to evenly dry each load by monitoring dryness and adjusting temperature and dry times. No more over- or under-dry clothes and towels.

Delicate Care for Delicate Items

Use the air fluff cycle for your delicate items. This 30-minute tumble doesn?t use additional heat, yet dries delicate items faster than traditional air drying.

Wrinkle-Free Laundry

Wrinkle Guard lets you do laundry on your terms by giving a load a quick toss to prevent set-in wrinkles for up to 40 minutes after the dry cycle. No more babysitting the dryer.

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